Conservation Commission

Our purpose is to locally administer the provisions of the Town’s Wetland Protection By-laws and the Massachusetts Wetland Protection and River Protection Acts. Some of the functions of the Conservation Commission are as follows:

  • Planning: Helping to foster land use patterns protective of natural resources through the Open Space and Recreations Plans.
  • Preservation & Stewardship: Management of conservation lands owned by the Town of Hampden for a variety of benefits and to provide appropriate recreational uses tied to the nature of the particular conservation area. 
  • Regulation: Relating to the use of conservation lands and the protection of wetlands and floodplains under the Wetlands Protection Act and Town of Hampden Wetland Bylaws. 
  • Recreation: Encourage passive use of open space. 
  • Education: Encouraging a conservation ethic in the Town of Hampden. Cooperation. Work with various groups in the interest of natural resource protection. 

Bonnie Geromini - Administrative Assistant

Commission Members

Name Title
Judy McKinley Brewer Co-Chair
Andrew Netherwood Commissioner
Ted Zebert Co-Chair
John Cushman Commissioner
Donald Davenport BOS Liaison
Thom Page Commissioner
Bonnie Geromini Administrative Assistant
Greg D'Agostino Commissioner