Conservation Commission

Our purpose is to locally administer the provisions of the Town’s Wetland Protection By-laws and the Massachusetts Wetland Protection and River Protection Acts. Some of the functions of the Conservation Commission are as follows:

  • Planning: Helping to foster land use patterns protective of natural resources through the Open Space and Recreations Plans.
  • Preservation & Stewardship: Management of conservation lands owned by the Town of Hampden for a variety of benefits and to provide appropriate recreational uses tied to the nature of the particular conservation area. 
  • Regulation: Relating to the use of conservation lands and the protection of wetlands and floodplains under the Wetlands Protection Act and Town of Hampden Wetland Bylaws. 
  • Recreation: Encourage passive use of open space. 
  • Education: Encouraging a conservation ethic in the Town of Hampden. Cooperation. Work with various groups in the interest of natural resource protection. 

Commission Members

Name Title
Bonnie Geromini Chair
Judy McKinley Brewer Commissioner
Ted Zebert Commissioner
Andrew Netherwood Commissioner
Tim Hanley Commissioner
John Cushman Commissioner