Stormwater Committee

The Town of Hampden is providing the following information to eliminate the non-stormwater and illegal discharges within the Town's Stormwater Drainage system. 

Discharges into the storm drain that are considered illegal are those that do not consist entirely of stormwater. These are major causes of:

  • Low water quality in natural water reservoirs, including wetlands, lakes, rivers, etc.
  • Drinking water contamination
  • Destruction of wildlife habitat
  • Non normal flooding

Stormwater accumulates naturally from melting snow or from rain. As it accumulates it will pick up debris such dirt, sand, chemicals, etc. Stormwater can naturally flow into water reservoirs such as brooks, rivers, lakes, wetlands, etc. These might include:

  • Scantic River
  • Laughing Brook
  • Mill Pond
  • Numerous Wetlands

Committee Members

Name Title
Gary Weiner Chair
John Plaster Member
John Matthews Member
Andrew Netherwood Member
Mark Langone Member
Karl Sternberg Member
Dena Grochmal Member