Town Moderator


The Town Moderator’s primary responsibility is more about process the policy. The Moderator is in charge of the running of the annual and all special Town Meetings. It is the Moderator’s job to insure a civil debate that protects the rights of the minority while ensure the will of the majority.

Although the town meeting process can be intimidating for those new at it, Hampden has a long tradition of very civil debate and Moderator can be a resource for citizen to understand how to use the process. The Moderator works closely with the Board of Selectmen who set the meeting date and post the agenda and the Finance Committee who are required to make recommendation to the voters on item brought before the Town Meeting.

The Moderator also appoints the members of the Finance Committee. The Moderator serves a one year term and stands for reelection every year.

Town Moderator

Richard Green

2019 - Present

Past Town Moderators

Robert Howarth

2009 - 2019

Richard Patullo

1990 - 2009

Dalton Philpott

1970 - 1990

George Ingle

1950 - 1970