Hampden Fiber Optic Information

Information related to Hampden Fiber Optic Project. 

The goal of building out fiber optic internet infrastructure, is to offer Hampden residents and businesses a reliable and competitive alternative to Charter Spectrum for their internet service. Fiber Optic Internet is the pathway to rapid, dependable connectivity—outpacing even Spectrum in Hampden. Giving residents the ability to choose television programming of their choice without having to “bundle” unwanted services. Recently, residents may have received a flyer in the mail from a lobbyist group who is in partnership with Charter Communications presenting false narratives and scare tactics about town owned fiber optic infrastructure. Please be skeptical of that groups agenda and their corporate partnerships. Rely on facts and community outreach we have presented thus far and most definitely ask questions at the fall town meeting on Oct 30th. 

Video Presentation from Community Event on 9-7-23

PDF download of presentation.

Cost and potential bonding estimate.

Comparative Internet & TV costs

Fiber Full Cost Estimate